Ultra Air Refrigerated Air Dryers

Features Built Into Every Ultra Dryer
  • Refrigerant Feeder System -Rapid response thermostatic expansion valves coupled with refrigerant distributors, meter equal amounts of refrigerant into each tube. This guarantees an even spread of refrigerant throughout the entire heat exchanger. Also, this feature allows the dryer to be operated from a no-load to full load without any adverse effects.
  • Non-Fouling: Smooth Tube in Tube Heat Exchangers - Heat Exchangers in Ultra's UA Series Dryers incorporate self-cleaning, non-fouling, smooth surface copper tubes. There are no extended surfaces that will accumulate rust scale, dirt scale, and oil residue. These highly efficient designs and the all copper construction enable Ultra to offer a (10) TEN YEAR WARRANTY on all Heat Exchangers.
  • Electronic Auto Drain - Standard on UA100 and larger. The reliable Electronic Auto Drain automatically drains condensate from the dryer. Drain time is adjustable from (1) one minute to 100 minutes. The Float Type Drain is standard on UA10 through UA75; however, the Electronic Drain is available as an option.
  • Extra Refrigerant Filtration - Only Ultra Air filters both the high and the low pressure side of the refrigerant system from UA100AC and up. In order to cut costs, most manufacturers only filter the high side of the refrigeration system. To guarantee removal of moisture, acids and solid contaminants that are left in the refrigeration system during the manufacturing process, and to prevent compressor failure due to these contaminants, Ultra Air filters both the high side and the low side of the refrigerant circuit. Because of this feature, Ultra Air has the lowest percentage of compressor failures in the industry!
  • UA Series Five Step Drying Process
    Step 1. Pre-cooling - Hot saturated compressed air enters the pre-cooler (Air to Air Heat Exchanger) and flows over tubes containing refrigerated (35F) outgoing air. The incoming air temperature is reduced to 70F when inlet temperature is 100F.
    Step 2. Chiller - The air then enters the chiller section where it passes over tubes containing refrigerant. The air stream is cooled to 35F reducing its dewpoint to the same temperature.
    Step 3. Separation - As the air is cooled in the chiller, the remaining moisture (35 -39F pdp) condenses into a liquid. At this point, all liquid and oil is separated from the air stream.
    Step 4. Automatic Draining - The moisture that collects in the separator is automatically drained with the Ultra Air Time-A-Drain Programmable Drain System.
    Step 5. Reheating - The cold air enters the reheater at 35 - 39F where it passes over tubes containing incoming hot air. The cold air is reheated to within 20 - 25F of inlet air temperature.

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