Mattei - A Range of Compact Compressors and Air Centers from 5HP - 100HP

  • complete ready-to-use air systems
  • superior air quality multi-stage high efficient separation system (only 1-3ppm oil carry-over)
  • superior cooling systems
  • modern design and controls
  • low noise level (as low as 69dB(A) on AC models)

Energy Saving

  • advanced control systems
  • continuous or automatic operation - blow down in idling mode to 19PSI/1.3 BAR for reduced power consumption
  • direct drive and low rotational speed of only 1750 RPM with cushion drive coupling
  • versatility in control operation
  • advanced rotor stator design


  • simple design and stringent quality control
  • direct start smooth startup again and again
  • comprehensive compressor protection
  • electric motor premium efficient
    rotor stator blades manufactured to exceed 50,000 operating hours
  • long life, oversized white metal bearings
  • comprehensive instrumentation
  • no axial thrust forces
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