A state-of-the-art rotary screw compressor. Not all screw compressors are created equal. The RotorChamp 25-50 horsepower units set a new standard in air compressor packages.
  • Increased flow
  • Low noise levels
  • 30% fewer parts compared to conventional units
  • Leak-free design
  • Oil carryover less than 2 PPM
  • Automatic belt tension device
  • Quick and easy service
  • For you these benefits represent considerable savings in energy consumption and maintenance time. Champion has recognized the need for the RotorChamp to provide an efficient and environmentally friendly compressor that will take you well into the next millennium.
  • A New Generation of Air End Design The heart of the Champion compressor package is a state-of-the-art air end concept that incorporates a screw compressor air end with a common base and several other key components that have not traditionally been a part of the air end. The integrated design eliminates that need for additional interconnecting piping. This reliable, field-proven design saves space, offers "leak-proof" operation due to fewer connections and keeps air clean and dry with a three-stage air/oil separation system. Down the road, you'll experience less downtime and lower component replacement costs.
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